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Q#0 - Why so many grammar/spelling mistakes?
A: My language is not English. I'll be glad
whenever I read a comment of grammar

Q#1 - What's "gijnka"?
A: Humanized animals, in this case humanized

Q#2 - Why Pikachu?
A: Well known characters make you sure you can
avoid introductions ( =

Q#3 - Why a powerful Pikachu?
A: Electric Pokemon can learn really cool movesets
didn't you know it? ( =

Q#4 - "Funeral of Hearts"... is the name of a song!
A: Yup, the song from H.I.M.
(not fan of them though, I know only that song)

Q#5 - Lyla... is the name of a song!
A: Yes and I thought music and lyrics would have
fit her well, just wait and see ( =

Q#6 - What's behind your coloring style?
A: When I first decided to draw this doujinshi I thought about a toning way that would have taken few time.
Also, since this story is kinda "fairytale" (mmm...maybe?) I'd like it to be soft toned with a dreamlike atmosphere.
Dunno if I achieved all this but first pages were what I meant.
For each page I try to use background tone colors that suit circumstances.
Also I try not to mix too many colors into a single page.
When all girls are together this is unavoidable but that amount of colors
reminds everyone that there's a funny atmosphere all around (maybe...) >_>

Q#7 - What's the process for a page of F.O.H.?
A: First, I draw panels with pencil, then scan the page.
I color and put tones with Paint Tool Sai. Some of the
tones I use are from Manga Studio (but I don't use this
program at all). Then I put the rest of the tone and
the lettering with Photoshop.

Q#8 - How many chapters is FOH gonna be?
A: I planned 6 or 7 chapters.

Q#9 - Why are the whites of Lyla's eyes blackened?
A: This happens only when she is Pikachu and it's because Pikachu's
eyes are black.

Q#10 - Isn't Lylachu's tale too big?
A: At the beginning I sketched her with a smaller tail but I realized that her
costume was not that good balanced that way... So I opted for a bigger tail.
After all she is bigger than a normal Pikachu and she gotta have the tail
that more fits her. ; )

Q#11 - How old are all characters?
A: Lyla and Cherry 15 (High School)
Ocean 14 (High School)
Rica 14 (Junior High)
Chikkuru 13 (Junior High)
Mitsuki 11 (Elementary School)

Q#12 - Why this doujinshi is roughly drawn?
A: I haven't that much spare time to draw details, backgrounds and
stuff. I'm sorry for this, but University, part-time and other projects
keep me busy everyday. (Even though this I hope to draw
more detailed pages as the story goes on).

Q#13 - Why "Ocean" if he's a fire type Sorrow?
A: I'll explain later in the story.

Q#14 - Do Pain Balls catch even human Sorrows?
A: Yes, Pain Balls do catch whatever Sorrow being, from human form to
definitive (monster) form. They are specifically for Sorrows and
cannot catch Pokemon. But they work as Pokeballs: the Sorrow has
to be weakened first, you cannot catch a Sorrow that has full health.

Q#15 - Where is this story set?
A: Sinnoh.

Q#16 - What tools do you use to draw FOH?
A: Mechanical pencil (HB), common A4 sheets,
Paint Tool Sai for coloring and Photoshop for lettering.

Q#17 - Could you draw this [insert name of Pokemon] Gijinka Character for me?
A: Maybe, anyway it won't have any main role in the story. Also I
wont' draw any gijinka character you already invented (e.g. its outfit, face etc.)
but I can only accept suggestions (when it's possible).

Q#18 - Do you accept suggestions of gijinka characters?
A: I already decided everything of the plot so actually I don't need
any suggestion ^ ^ I just hope I'll have the chance to draw your favourite
Pokemon gijinka, that's all. Anyway I read all your comments from the comic
so, I can understant from there too what gijinka you would like to see :D

Q#19 - Is this story Yaoi?
A: nope, it contains some fanservice : )

Q#20 - Are you gonna draw Gijinka from gen 5 or will you stick with gens 1-4?
A: I'll draw some Pokemon from gen 5 but probably there won't be any gijinka.


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