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▼▼Please read the announcement below▼▼ [Posted by Misteen on December 15th, 2012, 9:18 am]

(if you're wondering, Ren is not dead : D)

>miyto: correct! : DD

Full explanation of what her strategy was (and how she escaped the thunder), next page.
Actually, Rica is L62 and Ren L55 -> http://funeralofhearts.smackjeeves.com/characters/

I was not sure if it was good to put lots of strategy battles into an online manga ">_>)>
Anyway, next battles will be quite different, so hopefully I won't spam stategies and game mechanics too much.

Now, something not related to game stuff: the X-scissor Rica used here is different from the one she used previously ↓↓

this time is from downward point to a upward one.
(What I'm trying to say is I hope my drawings are not too confused.......)

This is first page of FOH I did completely digitally! I feel some kind of loss thinking this page is not in the phisical drawer of my desk but drawing this way saves lot of time. So I think FOH will be a full digital comic from now on.
(This is the "digital work in progress" for this page http://misteen.tumblr.com/post/37935844659/comic-page )
Then I have to do a SAD ANNOUNCEMENT
From next time updates will be only ONCE A WEEK till mid January. I'm really sorry for this but I can't do otherwise it seems ">_>)
Updates will be on weekend, most likely on Sundays.

>Groudonkid: I guess hitting Ren in the face would have stopped his shock wave as well lol
Ah, now I think I understand what you mean. So I copy and paste from a previous answer I gave:

"When Pokemon are involved in a fusion by Stone, they feel like they’re in a sort of “dream battle”. The one who takes decisions about how to move is its trainer, the Pokemon is the one who performs the attacks. For example, Rica wouldn't move so quickly if her Scyther wouldn't remember how to do it. Rica is just mentally ordering her Scyther to move quickly and he's obeying. Scyther doesn’t do anything on his own, he just answers orders as if he was in battle, except that orders are mental and aren't made of words but of instinct. Anyway, who knows, maybe if the Pokemon feel in serious danger they can intervene and do something their own, overwhelming the trainers' will. So Pokemon feel like in a normal battle, and see and feel what their trainer does."

if it's not enough or misunderstood again your question, feel free to ask more. But I guess there's nothing else to say about this kind of fusion.


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[Posted by Groudonkid (Guest) on December 15th, 2012, 12:17 pm]

I'm actually gald you didn't hit him in the face with x-scissor, that would have been... messy.

Sorry about the constant questions, but still not quite what I was asking.
At first the pokemon were sitting peacefully in a room with their trainers whom were talking with Mitsuki about the sorrow threat. In the next instant, the pokemon have all had their forms twisted in such a way to fit around their trainers.
What are the pokemon's thoughts and reactions to this turn of events?
Is Steelix psyched about having arms perhaps? Or wondering what in hell has happened?


[Posted by Greedo (Guest) on December 15th, 2012, 1:05 pm]

Because you can't have an epic scene without a "Cool persons refuse to acknowledge explosions" frame!


[Posted by miyto (Guest) on December 15th, 2012, 3:26 pm]

I do enjoy consistent mechanics.
It allows for predictions within the world's scope. ;D


[Posted by Manga-Ka on December 16th, 2012, 4:18 am]

Hm.. interesting that new lvl stuff you uploaded, nice to be able to read that :')


[Posted by HKim on December 17th, 2012, 12:39 am]

No worries about the updates. Once a week is fine.

And amazing update this week, btw. You're the feature image on this week's Monday Laughs!

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