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[Posted by Misteen on December 11th, 2012, 11:54 am]

There're still things to fix on this page, but I'll do it later >_>

bettah now : 3 (not sure about English though)

umh, I'm thinking about drawing the whole comic digitally... I've been using pencil but it's quite tiring >_> on the other hand I don't want to stay all the whole time before a screen drawing >_>

>Groudonkid: a Sorrow always gets the same ability from the pokemon. No chance of a change.

- Can sorrows understand pokemon? Since they go around and bite no one knows. If Lyla and friends get the chance to ask a Sorrow, or Ocean comes and tell us you'll know ^ ^.
- How does the merging with their pokemon affect Rica and the other trainers' minds? In no way. Maybe you may like to read my comment here too http://funeralofhearts.smackjeeves.com/comics/1624121/2-59/ I don't know if it's useful though ^ ^ don't worry to ask more if you need.
- Are their fighting skills their own, their pokemon's, or a mixture of both? Too early to answer. Generally they are only from the Pokemon but you'll find out more about it later in this chapter.
- What are their pokemons' reactions? umh, may I ask what do you mean exactly? Reactions to what?

I know there are still misteries here and there but you'll find out more reading, so please wait my pages ^ ^ Also, I wrote this story so that everything inside it will be explained soon or later.

Then, a little extra. No, I didn't forget you ppl wanted to see lol
So here you are, the male Jinx <3
I think I saw one of this on a catwalk once.

And then, to be fair, a female Hitmonlee


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[Posted by Manga-Ka on December 11th, 2012, 4:11 pm]

wahahahaha! x'D Damn hot Jinx x'D
I'm sure he were all macho before getting bitten, now he have found his more..'feminine' side x'D


[Posted by Groudonkid (Guest) on December 11th, 2012, 7:01 pm]

The face! Hit him in the face!

What I was asking with my previous question was.
Since the anti-sorrow teams' pokemon still retain their individual identities. How do the pokemon feel about being combined with their trainers?


[Posted by miyto (Guest) on December 12th, 2012, 3:29 am]

She just prepared a one-hit-ko combo...
That is assuming she is the same level as her opponent, has scyther's swarm ability, only got 1 sword's dance in, and is about to use an eighty power bug move.
Also assuming similar math to the pokemon games.

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