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[Posted by Misteen on November 24th, 2012, 12:52 pm]

Ren is half jerk and half naïve….I guess…..
May edit dialogues later to make them sound better (meaning will remain the same) >__>
EDIT: I edited some panels instead lol

>Senji Q: Groudounkid wrote a really good (and scientific) answer to your question here:
“Nidoran male and female are actually the same pokemon. It's the presence of the Y chromosome that causes the discrimination between evolutionary trees. therefore if a human male gets infected by a sorrow in the female nidoran tree, he would become a sorrow in the male nidoran tree because of the presence of the Y chromosome.”

So, it works the same as when you’re hatching eggs with Nidorino or Nidorina: the egg can be both Nidoran male or female. So when a member of the Nidoran family infects others the result doesn’t change the sex of the victim.
The same goes for the Volbeat/Illumise family, the Mothim/Wormadam family and also for Tauros/Miltank, Rufflet/Vullaby even if in the game these latter ones can’t give birth one to another.
Exception: Vespiqueen will produce only Combee both in cases she bites a male or a a female. The same goes for Glalie and Froslass or Gallade and Gardevoir: they will produce only Snorunt and Kirlia. Anyway Sorrows can evolve, that’s why you met a Gallade a chapter ago.
I hope this doesn’t sound too forced ^ ^

I’m sorry I didn’t explained this in the manga yet, so I’m happy you asked me about it.

>Groudonkid: I’m really impressed by what you wrote! *w* I’m not that expert of genetics but I had to study a bit to make this story (you’ll see later : D). It’s really early to reveal what’s the cause of Sorrows but, sadly, it’s not something easy to cancel. As for now, Lyla and the others know that no one has understood the real cause that tranfrorms dna yet. This is the mistery of the whole story, so wait and see : D

For the rest: the dead heart is only a heart made of genes and it doesn’t remember anything of the original owner nor has any will. If it do it it would be like the original owner would be still living and that’s not the case of Funeral of Hearts.
Instead, Lyla and the girls who transform by fusion, they contain two beings for real. The point is that Sorrows can recognize other Sorrows because they can sense if a being got two hearts or not. So that “dead heart” is a kind of mistery too. I’m sorry if this point got a bit confused in the story, I think it will get more sense in the future for sure as the story goes on. Neither Lyla and others or scientists got it clearly yet ^ ^

And I’m glad you like Ren ^ ^ Let’s see if he and Ocean manage to survive ^ ^ (<--- aah, evil author mode on >w<)


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Thank you Misteen [Posted by Groudonkid (Guest) on November 24th, 2012, 2:13 pm]

I geuss I should have known it wouldn't be that easy to save the sorrows... I'm glad you enjoyed my reasoning though. I may not compare with the real experts, but due to my "condition" I'm very knowledgeable about pokemon, as for the other areas such as genetics. I just happen to know a lot about them cause I enjoy learning.
If you want, I would be happy to answer any questions you have, about pokemon or otherwise, email me at ChandlerJared6@gmail.com

The faces you used in this page are priceless. ^ ^ Please don't kill Rica... actually, maybe I should be a little more worried about Ren... Gah! Don't kill Either of them! >_<


[Posted by pat15 on November 24th, 2012, 7:19 pm]

So either she screwed up again, or she hit a bullseye with that one


[Posted by HKim on November 26th, 2012, 12:18 am]

Awww, they really are made for each other.


[Posted by miyto (Guest) on November 27th, 2012, 12:19 am]

So for gender-specific pokemon, the sorrow transformation has to match the human being transformed....
Then what about Jinx? (/smoochum) (the only gender-specific pokemon that doesn't have an equivalent male form)


[Posted by Senji Q on November 29th, 2012, 3:14 am]

just a small point; "...advice: since you're not much attractive, the..." would make more sense as "...advice: since you're not very attractive, the..." or "...advice: since you're not much to look at, the..." something like that. And "since you're this sort of expert..." might be better as "since you're some sort of expert..."

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