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[Posted by Misteen on November 20th, 2012, 9:05 am]

Rica is not that good in cheering herself up ^ ^"
Is Ren too badass? : ( Don't hate him, he can't stand bugs you know... Also I kept myself from writing "bugfriend" instead of "boyfriend", I thought it would have been too much to stand lol

Wow guys, this time too I’m gonna write a lot X3 Thank you for your questions!!

>Manga-ka: you just anticipated a question of the manga : D well, they can merge with just one Pokemon, the one the Stone was made for. I can't say more than this, because this point is related to the development of the story later X 3 nice question

About your second question: when Pokemon are involved in a fusion by Stone, they feel like they’re in a sort of “dream battle”. The one who takes decisions about how to move is its trainer, the Pokemon is the one who performs the attacks. For example, Rica wouldn't move so quickly if her Scyther wouldn't remember how to do it. Rica is just mentally ordering her Scyther to move quickly and he's obeying. Scyther doesn’t do anything on his own, he just answers orders as if he was in battle, except that orders are mental and aren't made of words but of instinct. Anyway, who knows, maybe if the Pokemon feel in serious danger they can intervene and do something their own, overwhelming the trainers' will. So Pokemon feel like in a normal battle, and see and feel what their trainer does.

>pat15: Yeah, he always plays lame puns and also thinks he’s funny XD

>HKim: Yeah, fortunately I noticed it!

Anyway, that’s what my friend found about the ditto glitch: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rage_glitch
If Ditto use Rage it will forgot Transform it seems, everyone, beware : (

>Groudonkid: Ops, you’re right! I don’t know what happened but half of my previous message got cut and didn’t uploaded completely!! Sorry. Well mail is ok. You find my address in my profile but I write it again here: misteen.misteen.hsbox@gmail.com.

About your questions on the story: what you wrote is totally right, Pokemon certainly have personalities and I would really like to draw more of them. This chapter will be only about gijinka (fusions) so I won’t have the chance to do it at the moment, but from next chapter I can assure you will find more interaction human-Pokemon ^ ^ I’m looking forward too. Since this manga is about gijinka I had to dedicate great space to them, but I miss real pokemon too!

About Sorrows: they are made by two hearts except that one of them is a dead one.
1) If a boy got bitten by a Sorrow he will assume that Sorrow Pokemonish features and powers.
2) If a Pokemon got bitten by a Sorrow it will assume the human appearance of that Sorrow and keep its own powers.
So 1) will have only human personality and 2) the Pokemon one. In Sorrow fusion they’re not two beings, but just one being with two hearts.
When you first meet a Sorrow, it’s really difficult to state if it originally was a human or a Pokemon by its appearance. But if you got to know him or her better you probably will know it. So of all the Sorrow I’ve drawn so far some of them were Pokemon. For example, do you remember the Meowth and the Happiny playing with the ball the previous chapter? They were surely Pokemon. Also among main characters there will be some of them, and since main charas have more space you’ll surely recognize them ^ ^
Sorrows that originates from humans will gain a special feature, but I can’t say anything for the moment, sorry ^ ^
Thank you for your questions and please feel free to ask more if I explained bad or not completely!! And sorry if my English wasn’t good ^^”


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Question oh great teacher [Posted by Senji Q on November 21st, 2012, 5:12 pm]

If a guy gets bitten by nidorina does he turn into a nidorina or nidorino sorrow?


Time to show off [Posted by Groudonkid (Guest) on November 21st, 2012, 11:16 pm]

Let me ask Misteen something then I'll answer Senji Q's question.
Misteen- First the comic, Ren is kind of a jerk but I like him. I'm also impressed with how smart he is, I was afraid he would be another of the arrogant idiotic types but he turned out great. Now the questions, I'm assuming that what you mean by dead when you were talking about the two hearts of sorrows is that it still holds its own personality, powers and instincts but isn't capable of it's own thought. From what I can make out the sorrow virus was designed to create sorrows in this way: Virus is designed to be highly infectious to ensure the creation of a sorrow, it contains two alternate dna strands pokemon and human to allow for equal chance of infection, it is also equipped with an accelerator gene that allows it to mutate the host into a sorrow in a matter of weeks, however a virus can only contain so much dna and thus when it runs out of dna to add to the host the accel gene remains on and adds random "benifits" wich overload the bodies capabilities. In this case I know how to save sorrows. An accel gene doesn't add all new dna in order to generate mutations, it simply borrows from exsisting genes (such as the ones for muscle growth) and overstimulates them, the actual mutations are directed by the added viral dna. Accel genes are very easy to identify and easy to cancel out, disable this gene and you may have a cure. So my question is, am I right and can this method be used? Because I really don't want Ren and Ocean to die or disappear into storage to wait for a cure.
Senji Q - Nidoran male and female are actually the same pokemon. It's the presence of the Y chromosome that causes the discrimination between evolutionary trees. therefore if a human male gets infected by a sorrow in the female nidoran tree, he would become a sorrow in the male nidoran tree because of the presence of the Y chromosome.

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