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[Posted by Misteen on November 10th, 2012, 5:18 am]

Blitz3124, Kisarafox, thank you so much for your help!! I'll correct that dialogue asap. Helps and tips for English are always welcome! Also, yes, it's a bit hard for me to understand, so please, if you can, I'll appreciate if you write all the sentence ^ ^

>Blitz 3124: Many people offered for designing poke charas, so I'm thinking about ask everyone collaborating for the next time I'll have to draw lots of new characters! It'll be great if you could design some of them too ^ ^

>Kisarafox: Thank you, I'm glad you like Lux's reaction ^ ^. I didn't draw the whole scene, you didn't miss anything... I only drew a little panel in previous page with only sound effects... It was just to make the scene faster but you'll probably find what you seek in next pages, so I hope not to disappoint you ^ ^

About this page:
Well, Ren aka Luxray likes lame words puns it seems XD
Also, Rica is the one amongst Anti Sorrow Team who best disguises as a Sorrow. I guess that's because she tries to talk to real Sorrows other than attacking, maybe...

Just a remind: that symbol means "thunder". Ren is Thunder General and, simply, when you see that sort of symbol upon a Sorrow that Sorrow is a General. What's the meaning of these "Generals"... you'll find out someday, don't worry ^ ^


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[Posted by Manga-Ka on November 10th, 2012, 8:26 am]

Ah... so the sorrows do this in purpose :'O

Edit: how do you inspire when you're designing the pokémon sorrows? :') Cuz I think your designs are really unique ^^


I am serious [Posted by Groudonkid (Guest) on November 10th, 2012, 4:59 pm]

This is a great comic! I really enfoy your work. It's great that there is finally a comic on pokemon-human hybrids such as myself. Man am I glad that I'm not viral. If you're interested, I would really enjoy talking with you someday. ^ ^ this is a risk for me saying this in a comment though... and now I feel stupid...

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