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Beware: long comment......... [Posted by Misteen on October 23rd, 2012, 5:06 pm]

>Manga-Ka: So, it can work this way, is it? ^ ^ (I was nervous about it >w<)

>Ponyta: Thank you so much! You made my day too with your comment! >w< I'll try my best for now on. I'm so happy you like Ocean this much, I did my best to write a deep personality for him so I hope you like the development of his chara too >///< Also, there's a reason why he's named Ocean and still he's a fire type. I'll explain later in the story : 3 It may be quite a long wait but hope that the story in the meanwhile won't bore you >///<

>Senji Q: Quite a good question, thank you! Well, Sorrows can use basic attacks like Tackle, Growl, Scratch everytime they want since they can move freely. But for example if a Sorrow uses mostly 4 moves not including Scratch and then he/she intends to use Scratch because he/she got nails, he/she won't succeed really well and it would end up to be a weak Scratch. Instead the 4 moves they train and master can be used at full power.
*Basic attacks are the one Pokemon know since level 1 (so I consider a basic attack even Leer)
*Obviously if a Pokemon got teeth it can bite, but the attack "Bite" is something a Pokemon has to learn after though training.

Other attacks like Ember for fire Pokemon or Quick Attack have to be trained to be used anyway since they're not so basic for a Pokemon/Sorrow. So if a Pokemon/Sorrow decides to forgot them and gives up on practising, after a long time he/she won't succeed to use those moves anymore.

(Since FOH is not a game I guess this could work to put it more realistically. Maybe... ^ ^")

Then someone may wonder: are there Pokemon/Sorrows who decide to train more than 4 moves?
It can be. But you have less time to train each move ; ) Also it's not that a battle lasts forever so it's better focus on defeat the enemy before it wipes you out. You probably won't have the time to try more than 4 moves, so you may prefer to lean on one or two strategies only.

Sorry for the long explanation. It seems that I like to think how things can work in my manga ^ ^" (Also I like strategy and training in games a lot >w<)


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[Posted by Senji Q on October 24th, 2012, 4:49 am]

Thanks! I was wondering about that


[Posted by Anon (Guest) on October 26th, 2012, 6:05 pm]

Glad to see you back! Lovely work, as always. I'm really enjoying the developments, and am looking forward to the next pages <3

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