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[Posted by Misteen on March 1st, 2011, 11:15 am]

Celebi Sorrows are aliens lol

@Ponyta: aww, I forgot to say...I didn't draw that panel actually >_> I just edited a photograph but I don't own copyright so I'm gonna substitute it as soon as I get my material (forgotten at parents' >_>) so that panel is gonna change lol

@Blizzard: You got it right! Great! (*_*)

Ok, list here your questions about this page if you have. You'll receive an answer on the next page or in the faq. If I don't answer to some questions it means I'll explain them in the extra pages at the end of this chapter (-6 pages for the end ; )

(brushes from deviantart)


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[Posted by pat15 on March 1st, 2011, 11:28 am]

I got confuzzled when I read this page the first time


[Posted by Ponyta on March 1st, 2011, 2:26 pm]

I took my time reading, so it's fine for me ;)
Celebi DOES look like an aliennnn!! :P
I think she saw the real celebi... xD (But that's just me) :P
Keep it up ;D
Oh, and when you do change it, please tell me ;D I wanna seeeee :)


[Posted by Fang Shinobi on March 2nd, 2011, 8:58 am]

Oh snap. Poor Celebi.


[Posted by Asj on March 2nd, 2011, 2:34 pm]

Hmm... there must be an easier way to word it.
If Celebi was infected by a sorrow, and simply turned into a sorrow itself, then Lyla might've seen the real sorrow of Celebi. But if the sorrow Celebi has infected other sorrows, then Lyla might not have met the real sorrow of Celebi. And since the original sorrow of Celebi was created first, it would be the first to die. Besides, all the sorrows Celebi created could have also created other sorrows. And they all could have Celebi's features.
...I don't think that's much better. I think it's just a hard concept to put into words.
I like how she looks in the long panel, by the way.

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