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» Christmas Break

I thought I would have been able to update with a new page today but I spent the last days wandering in town instead of staying at home drawing so... ^ ^"
See you next year then. I'll be back in January, wish you happy holydays ^_^)/

» FOH paused until autumn

Hello, guys. I'm sorry I've been missing for so long.
This was a busy period for me. I had lot of work with my fansubber activity and also I'm trying to built a portfolio for a future in manga/anime/videogame industry. For this purpose I'm trying to develope a visual novel myself and it's sucking most of my time. I'm planning to work on it for the whole summer, so I thought about pausing FOH for the time being. I'm sorry for this sudden decision, but I finished college in spring and I don't know what to do with my life XD So I decided to try entering anime/videogame industry or something like that. When I was a child my dream was to become a mangaka but when I grew up I lost interest in it and preferred doujinshi. Before graduation I thought about looking for a whatever job and live on, but it looks like I'm not suited for all jobs I applied for... So let's try the art path XD
Sorry for this long chatting, anyway that's what I'm going through.
Thank you for always supporting FOH, you always make my day with your comments.
See you soon.


» Pokemon Crossroads, the new portal for Pokemon fanworld!

Hi guys! I'm really proud to announce the launch of a new wonderful website about Pokemon.

>>>>>>>>>>>> The POKEMON CROSSROADS <<<<<<<<<<<<

It's a new great project which will focus on Pokemon fan contents like Pokemon webcomics, and spread the fandom even more : D
I and my comic "Funeral of Hearts" will be there supporting it!!

Please, don't miss the launch this Friday, May 10 at midnight Eastern Time

>>>>>>>>>>>> www.pokemoncrossroads.com <<<<<<<<<<<<

Thanks to HKim and his team for always supporting Pokemon fanartists ^ ^

» Short hiatus

Hello guys.
I'll be two weeks off, sorry.
Take care.

» next page on Sunday

Hi guys, no wed update for thi week >.<
Sorry, see you on Sunday

» Page 68 will be a little late >_<

I'm sorry to say this, page 68 will be a bit late.
I'll try to update as soon as possible, thank you for your patience m(_ _)m

» I'll be back soon, please wait a little more m(_ _)m

Guys, Thank you for your Patience m(_ _)m
I'll be back soon promise
there's no way I'll stop telling the story
of Lyla, Ocean & Co. so don't worry!

I'm currently busy with school and JLPT (=Japanese bastard exam)
But everything's gonna end on Dec 5
so please wait for me a little more m(_ _)m

I can't wait to be back and draw again, seriously.

Thank you and sorry!!

» Sorry for the delay! I'll be back soon!!


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